Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am a wee girl with a big love for good design, kind and funny people, great food, and outrageous clothing sales. Sometimes I buy shoes because they are pretty but not at all functional. I can't wear high heels because of the risk of face-planting onto the sidewalk. You can usually find me in the design section of a bookstore (and on the rare occasions in front of the trashy magazines), power napping while riding the so-called "rocket", or slumped over my desk at work suffering from designers block. Oh and surfing gossip column sites - it's my secret shame, you know you all love it! I'm open to meeting anyone and everyone with a, let's say great sense of humour. Like I said, if we can't make each other laugh, it's not meant to be.

ps/ if you're old enough to be my uncle, dad or *gasp* grandfather, please scroll up, position your cursor on the word "next" and give the ol' mouse a little click. Thanks for visiting though! =)