Monday, May 12, 2008

Hi there...

Hi There,
I really had to think about this for's hard to write a profile about I thought I'd just write about what I like & don't like. I like Sushi, sunny days, hot tubbing, traveling, camping, dinner parties, hanging out with my friends, shopping, walks on the beach, sun tanning, holding hands, flowers for no reason, celebrating special dates, my family, my friends, dinner parties, watching movies, watching hockey, working out, live theater, comedy shows, sleeping in, snuggling, affection, dressing up and going out for a nice dinner or just doing something casual, like going to a pub, a nice smile, nice teeth, good teeth are important, and tall. Someone who likes squirt hunter is an asset too. I like tall guys and one more thing..I am a hopeless romantic..
And I don't like line ups, snotty people, being cold, or mushy peas.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am a wee girl with a big love for good design, kind and funny people, great food, and outrageous clothing sales. Sometimes I buy shoes because they are pretty but not at all functional. I can't wear high heels because of the risk of face-planting onto the sidewalk. You can usually find me in the design section of a bookstore (and on the rare occasions in front of the trashy magazines), power napping while riding the so-called "rocket", or slumped over my desk at work suffering from designers block. Oh and surfing gossip column sites - it's my secret shame, you know you all love it! I'm open to meeting anyone and everyone with a, let's say great sense of humour. Like I said, if we can't make each other laugh, it's not meant to be.

ps/ if you're old enough to be my uncle, dad or *gasp* grandfather, please scroll up, position your cursor on the word "next" and give the ol' mouse a little click. Thanks for visiting though! =)